On to Montana – 7/2018

Like so many places along the way I would’ve liked to spend a lot more time in MT but there’s a looong way to go before the Arctic and a lot of new things to see.  I lived in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area of MT for a summer back in ’89 and would’ve loved to visit some of my old spots but they were all very remote and would take up too much time for this leg; maybe next time.  Instead I went up the western side of the Divide through West Yellowstone, Ennis and out of the country north of Eureka. The Madison was also not great fishing: too warm (water temp about 70), too low and most of the good stretches were much better suited to drift-boats of which I had none.   Also, like everyplace, the west is a lot more full of people than back in ’89 and the good access points had numerous other fisher-people trying their hands… also without much success this time of year.  Although the fishing could’ve been better the traveling was great with beautiful things to see every step of the way.