Crossed into Canada – 7/24/18

I officially crossed the first border of my adventure.  Ok, it’s just Canada but it counts!  The border guard wanted to know “what I did with my gun” not did I have one but what I did with it.  I told him I dropped it at a gun-shop in Missoula to be shipped back to me once I made it into AK.  He asked if I had a receipt which I had right next to me and showed him.  He then admitted goodheartedly that he really “just wanted an excuse to look around inside my cool truck”.  Next stop, the town of Fernie, BC and the Elk River famous for it’s big Bull Trout!  I found a very nice campground on the north side of town right on the Elk.  They had loaner bicycles so I took one into town to look around and get a beer or three.   

Yeah, you guessed it fishing on The Elk was a bust (there seems to be a theme building here).  In this case it was purely user error; my lack of researching in advance combined with my chronic lack of planning ahead were the culprits.  I’m thinking I might start working on the former but definitely not that latter!  I really like going north or south tomorrow or whenever if I feel like it with no schedule… plus, I’m feeling lucky!  So anyway, the Elk was just too big with the banks too woody and steep for me to be able to effectively wade fish.  Like many western rivers it’s a drift-boat river.  I tried to book a last minute charter when I bought my license but they were booked solid this time of year.  I still gave the guys in the fly-shop the truck tour since they really wanted one.  What the hell, it’s not their fault I’m feckless 🙂 

When I rode the bike into town it was apparently the night of the month (or was it week) that they close some streets for a town party.  At least when it comes to drinking fortune smiles upon me! 

The view from my camping spot.  Someone explained to me that the shadow on the center of the rock face is called the Ghost Rider and is said to be the spirit of the Indian chief who was screwed over by the town fathers; familiar tale.  

A couple of advance planners mocking me from their drift-boat.  They even caught a nice fat Bull Trout right in front of me to really send the point home the bastards!