Always wanted to fish the Henry’s Fork in ID – 7/18/18

Camped right on the banks of the river for a couple days of fishing.  Unfortunately like most of the fishing out west this year, it wasn’t the best, the water was just a bit too hot.  I guess though it’s like the old saying “the worst day fishing is still better than the best day working”.  Whoever came up with that however never went fishing with my father and I.   We’re both a bit lacking in good judgement so when you put us together there will be blood: a hook in the cheek (I make him crimp his barbs down before I’ll get in a canoe with him now), a swamped canoe in 45 degree water in a 10k’ alpine lake, a tumble down an embankment… all part of the fun!  Still, it was just me and it wasn’t one of those days. 

I did actually catch a couple ‘bows and had a little nap on the edge of the river while watching an otter play around.